Week 3 – Assignment 01 – Band Promotion

Hello guys I have been working along with this project the past weeks and I have been trying to get concepts defined before starting with the poster´s design. Now I have an idea about the quantitative research that can be conducted through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Itunes and Spotify as they will give me numbers and statistics. The qualitative research is still waiting for answers. Also I have found the following links: Creating brand drivers  Identifying constraints  Gestalt principles

Well i manage to finishe the research and  here you can see my conclutions with the following posters sketches. blind pilot poster-05 blue 2-05 blind pilot poster-05 I will be posting  a few other ideas that i am working on as soon as I finish. Also i will upload the early sketches and the research itself. I look forward for any sugestions


Riding a bike or navigating a boat. The illustration above was one of my earliest ideas.

Binder1_Page_06Then I came across with the idea of the waves under the house

Binder1_Page_04Binder1_Page_01I also got this dierction towards the enviroment and I still insist over the use of geometrical forms. 

Binder1_Page_13Binder1_Page_03Binder1_Page_02Back to the idea of the sea and the Studio in Oregon

Binder1_Page_11Above the orignal thumbnail

and below the final result.


Above final art A3 format

I will be soon uploading my own idea of the gestalt theory 🙂


This is the color palette that I use for the final art. I also use tints of those colours. The reason behind choosing those colors is base in illumination represented by a yellow sun and red windows and door, blue represents the sea and nature, and the dark magenta for the house is an interpretation of the color that the original Blind Pilot´s music studio has. It is according to the pictures that I found during the research.

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