Planning a Fashion Shoot – Week 5

photogrpher specialise and photoshot list-01

Duties as a photographer.

As a photographer your duties are to watch and get a very strong lead picture.

For this you must:

– Make sure that you have the right equipment with you.

– Feel good with colours, forms and shapes.You are evaluating and informing through your pictures.

– Adjust the lightning.

– Make sure that the model is relax and comfortable.

– It is important to think on the layout in a way that there is enough place for the editorial to place their text and that folds are not cutting the main objects.

photogrpher specialise and photoshot list-02

Procedures of planning a fashion shoot:

1- Define a concept

This will determine make up, styling, location.  It set the boundaries where the design will develop

2- Mood board

A collage of inspiring ideas that can be broken into categories such as: hair, make up, wardrobe, styling, location, props and accessories.

3- Story board

It is a guide that contains rough sketches showing lengths, poses, camera angles and light positioning. It is a guide not a law and can be always changed if it is needed.

4- Location scouting

Essentially is finding right places for the shoot according to the concept.

5- Shotlist

It is a list that organizing your day and keep track of important details.  It contains information such as location, crew members (makeup artist, stylist, art director, photographer, assistant, and models), timing, outfit, and equipment’s needed according to each specific shoot.

6– Model

A model should suit the brand and concept. Models can be selected by reviewing model portfolio or Z-card which usually contains details over their physical appearance such as hair, eyes, skin tone, height, and measurements.

7- Appointing stylist

The stylistt: is a key person and  will guide you through the latest fashion that are suitable to the concept. He/she will be in charge of keeping track over costumes arriving in time at the shoot, coordinate changes and make sure in advance that everything fits, the right accessories are used with the right clothing and at the right shoot. The stylist will also be the person with the responsibility to appoint a hair and makeup artist. During the shoot the stylist as well as the art director will take close attention to details to spot things out of place and be aware of clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories.

8- Preparation

It is basically the logistics before the shooting and includes booking stylist, assistant, hair and makeup artist, rent equipment, find permissions, and sort food, water and eventually music.

9– Time schedule

It is a very important part as with it you can tell exactly where you and your team should be at a specific time. In order to create a time schedule, it is recommended to start from the end and work all the way to the start.  Also if you take the number of shoots (from your shot list) add breaks and lunches, then you divide it in locations the result is a time schedule

#of shoots (from shot list) + lunch /locations = time schedule

A detail schedule should be delivery to all the parts involved at least 2 or more days in advance so there will be enough time for planning.

10- Art direction

During the shoot the art director looks for details in clothes, locations, models expressions, lights, and arranges elements.  The art director should keep the crew focus on the job. Of course it should be in a nice manner to keep going a good vibe within the group (it is very important)

11- Model direction

Explore feelings, emotions, related to the concept

12- Crew

Should be informed, and keep track over schedule, achieve deadlines, keep a good atmosphere and order over those in the shoot.


Analysis of a fashion spread in a fashion magazine.

Concept: a fresh and natural style, perhaps for a daily routine, radiant look, summery and warm,

Equipments: Strobes, spot grids and holders, radio transmitters, lenses, camera body, batteries, filters, light meter, white seamless background, soft boxes, light modifiers.

Location: Studio.

Effects of the location over the concept:  As photos are taking in studio, there is a good control over lightning, equipment needed and personal on the shoot. That would allow a broader range of possibilities in order to achieve this type of pictures.

Equipment’s for a photo shoot in outdoors. (From Alice in Wonderland photo shoot)

In the contrary to a studio photo shooting, when the shoot is set out;  whether indoors or outdoors,  there should be a greater control over planning. This to ensure order and achieve the deadlines and a perfect control over gear and personnel or crew. For the example of Alice in Wonderland, I would assume that they also took nearly the same equipment as in the previous example. Also they would have added battery packs and power supply as well as racks to keep everything organized and protected in case of rain.

Planning a Snow White themed fashion shoot

List of things to do:




Hair artist.

Makeup artist.

Rent equipment.

Find permissions.

Sort transport, food, water,  and eventually music.

Mood Board (images are taken from google) 

Concept Styling Model Makeup HairClothesLocationsEmotionAccesories

 Storyboardstory board snow white-01


Fashion shoot: Snowy // Snow White – Due: 15/06/2015

 Location: Mosvanet, Stavanger

Time on set 1: 10:00

Time on set 2: 12:20

Time on set 3: 14:10

Time on set 4: 16:00

Team on set

Makeup Artist: Evelyn

Stylist: Manuel

Art Director: Jan

Photographer: Jan

Assistant: Manuel

Model: Camelia

Equipment needed:

Wide angle, macro and 50 mm lenses

Camera body

Memory cards

Battery chargers

Light set

Diffuse boxes


Light modifiers

Shoot 1

Outfit 1: Long red dress

Shoot 2

Outfit 2: Long blue dress

Shoot 3

Outfit 3: Short dress

Shoot 4

Outfit 4: Long red dress

Timeline for the shoot day 

Snow White Schedule – 15/06/2015 

8:00 – 9:30 – Hair and makeup Artist

10:00  – Set 1

11:00 – Lunch

12:10 – Finished (Pack / Move / Transport)

12:20 – Set 2*

14:00 (Pack / Move / Transport)

14:10 – Set 3*

15:50 (Pack / Move / Transport)

16:00 – Set 4*

17:50 (Pack / Move / Finished)

* The group may take 5 – 10 min break if needed.

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