Learning Activity – Having fun with brand identity – Week 7

Design strategy takes form in life

Watch the movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” (The official title is “POM wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”) and answer the following questions:
  • Do you think the movie provides insight or detail into what drives product placement in entertainment?
    If so, what have you learnt from that? If not, how would you change aspects of the movie to reflect insight on this?

I think it does in way. From the film I could see however that self confidence and trust is the key to sells your product. Knowing your product, and by been faithful to what he believe his business is about. Although with a very rough start he kept in pursuing his goals and making contact with potential buyers or at least people that could focus his way or guide him towards what he should do. Though people where skeptics about his product.

  • What have you observed about presentations of visual strategies/brand identity?

It needs to be easily presented

  • Let’s consider this movie as a form of research. In other words, it was done to see what the effect of branded entertainment would be, a case study of sorts. What are your findings? What have you learnt? What has changed your pre-conceived ideas? Do you think there’s relevance in this case study? How could you apply your observations in real life?

You need to appeal your target audience

The bigger your name is the more trust people place on you

You need to adapt yourself to the client in a way that you present your idea but from the client perspective. In other words, you need to be flexible.

Knowing the right people can help you to succeed by achieving the right knowledge’s. People with experience can always be a great source of guidance.

I can use a great deal from the film as it includes research, law, client management, visual management, presentations.

  • From the findings above (question 3) imagine that the international coffee brand, Starbucks, is your client. Give one complete strategy for a small activation campaign to advertise Starbucks on aeroplanes. Give one idea of how you would do this, by following the 5 steps of the work process. To guide you, follow the points below and do a write-up of your idea as well as the steps you followed:

Here I describe it graphically:

  • Conduct research – you can visit the website http://www.starbucks.com as part of your research. Also think of quick research methods, such as surveys done on family and friends.Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-01
  • Clarify the strategy – Once you’ve conducted quick research, do a write-up of your findings and create your own brief.

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-02

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-03

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-04

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-05

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-06

  • Design the identity – Here you do not need to go into lengthy design, but create sketches of your ideas and remember to think about the movie for inspiration.

Strategy message for the Starbucks Coffee Air:

This is a relaxing cup of the finest coffee at the highest. Enjoy while collaborating with fair trade and co2 emissions reduction plan.  It is worth the little extra.

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-08

  • Create touchpoints – As this is a focused campaign, you may have one touchpoint only; describe how you would activate your campaign using this touchpoint. If you need to, you may do sketches that would aid your communication.

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-01

  • Manage the assets – As this is not a prolonged campaign, briefly describe how you would use the possible outcome of your campaign for future use. Also state what your follow-up steps would be to strengthen your message. For example, you’ve done research and decided to give free vouchers along with every boarding pass handed out. How would you collect feedback from consumers or how would you communicate to them at the airport, on the flight, etc. to support your campaign?

Starbucks Coffee on aeroplanes work proccess view-01

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