Starting Phase of Designing Visual Identity – Week 8

Design a logo for the following service and according to the following brief:

  • The product/service name: Chemin
  • The product/service description: A new urban railway service that takes passengers from the airport to four major centres in the capital of the country. The service will expand in due time to cover wider areas and to extend to other cities in the country as well.
  • Unique aspects of the product/service: The service prides itself in using the latest new-millennium technology, thus being sophisticated, super-fast, convenient and comfortable BUT NOT expensive and overly luxurious.

Mind map Chermin railway service-01

Based on  the brief the logo should express,  expansion, four major cities, fast communication, travelling, airport, city, technology. From there I experiment with words like future, movement, direction, progression, arrow, forward, comfortable.

The colours are based on a serious, sophisticated, and trusting blue, and the red gives energy and also movement. This is based on colour phycology and also comparing with competitor from the market.

The font is bold and powerful but still sutil, elegant and simple. It has easy readability also when it is set to smaller sizes. It easy-going, friendly but serious at the same time.

Final Proposal

Mind map Chermin railway service-14

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