The Components of Visual Identity – Week 8

The brand name: Just as a persons name it help to identify the brand and it is the sound that we keep repeating after encouter the brand. if it is easy to remmeber it and original it will be easier for the audience to recall it.

The Logo: Allows the audience to easily recognize the brand

The Colour: before the brain recognizes form it recognizes colours, therefore it helps to center attention specially when there is a saturated market. it helps the logo to stand out.

The Typography: It helps to express time, personality, experience.

Difference between logotype and signature.


According to Alina Wheeler and Sean Adams, a logotype is the same as a wordmark “a word that is a mark. It’s the company name typeset in a proprietary way and used consistently.” – Sean Adams. I.e. It is a text with a modified font that suits and identifies the company.


According to Alina Wheeler, when a logotype is juxtaposed with a symbol in a formal relationship it is called the signature. In the other hand Sean Adams defines this as logo.

Sean Adam  says that logo is the whole thing “If there is only a wordmark, that’s the logo. If there’s an icon and a wordmark, it’s the two combined. The logo is the final form the audience should see. It’s the formal wear of the identity system. Combining an icon and wordmark, reinforces the connection and recognition.” – Sean Adams

I.e. as a signature is a synonym to logo, therefore it combines the logotype, brandmark, and tagline in a structured relationship.

Color scheme: Using Kuler create a colour scheme (using only three colours in each set) for the following products:

    1. A rich chocolate cake that is made from real chocolate. The keyword here is “quality”.

torta quality A rich chocolate cake that is made from real chocolate. The keyword here is quality

Earthy colours brown and chocolate blended with a green that is there to serve as a quality, positive  element.

    1. A courier company that delivers internationally by air, land and sea – their main focus is fast delivery.

air land an sea fast delivery courier A courier company

Here the dark wine red represent fast and urgent delivery while it is also related to earth complemented by the earthy yellow, whereas the blue colour represent water and air.

    1. An international insurance company that focuses on family values.

atlanta skyscrapers An international insurance company that focuses on family values

Here a tone from dark to light blue. they represent prestige, international, family values, responsibility and trust.

Write your name in four different typefaces, according to the following criteria. Use a typeface that:

Expresses a unique quality about you   –   Avid

Keyword: ardent devoted eager fervent hungry insatiable keen passionate ravenous thirsty voracious zealous athirst desirous dying to grasping intense


Is inspired by your favourite food  –  Caribbean food

Keyword: Rich, tasty, delicious, chunky, crispy, beans

Caribbean Food

Makes your name look sophisticated

Keyword: Stylized,  High-end, flow, elegant, class.


Is drawn by hand

Keyword: Kids, signature, whiteboard, chalk, notebook.


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