Preparing for Brand Development – Week 9

Brand Schematic

Brand Schematic by Alina Wheeler – Designing Brand Identity

In practice:

Attributes or core values.   Brand´s virtues 

Ethic, responsible, trustworthy, authentic, constant, efficient, satisfying, rentable, profitable, organized, well trained, competent, adaptable, reach further away, reachable, great partners, independent, active, avid.

Vision and mission 

Mission: Contribute on the development of people’s competence and abilitiesVision: Be independent and be able to do why I like most, encourage people to reach   the best inside of themselves in an efficient and motivated way by using their own knowledge’s  help them to help themselves

Key products or services

Consulting, coaching, organizational-development, training, workshops, staff ready to offer assistance, personal development.

Key competitors 

Mind up, insights, Hr Visjon Karriere, Brendlien

Competitive advantage

Quality, effectivity, languages, international- background, assertiveness.

Key stakeholders

  • Customers Prospects
  • Competitors
  • Media

Value proposition

Quality, Satisfaction, results, Stability, development, training, guidance , formation, knowledge,  new ideas, tool’s , solutions, abilities, expandability.

Target market

All kind of industry that needs couching or competence development

The Brief

Produce a new logo for Eve; a consulting, human resources, coaching and training company that contributes on the development of people´s competence and abilities. This is achieved by encourage them to reach the best inside of themselves in an efficient and motivated way using their own knowledge’s. The company defines itself as a bridge towards the best of themselves.

The logo should appeal to all kind of industries  or any business that require couching or training. The aim is to guide them through solving problems related to formation

The visual image should emphasise quality, effectivity, languages skills, international background and assertiveness.

The logo should resemble a group of people working towards the same goals where constancy is the key

The publicity material will be mainly available on the internet, stands and leaflets, as well as specialized magazines.

Identity keys that relate to the nature of the company:

Nouns: Consulting, coughing, organization, development, training, workshops

Adjectives: Ethic, trustworthy, authentic, constant, efficient,  profitable, organized, well trained, adaptable, reachable, great partners, independent, active, avid, development

Colours: Dark blue, grey, orange, green, gold, yellow, red, Violet


How to Refine a Creative Brief – Graphic Design Thinking – page 62

The briefDesign thinking page 15

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