Learning Activity – Typography – Week 11

Part 1: Written assignment (observation and analysis)

  1. Define the term “typography” in your own words.

It is a tool for putting words into its visual form

“Typography is the visual component of the written word.” Matthew Butterick

Reference link: What is typography – Digital Book

  1. Write a few sentences explaining what typography is not.
  • Typography is not artwork.
  • Typography does not have one set way of doing things.
  • Typography does not use images or art in its design.
  • Typography is not generally used by inexperienced laypersons.

Reference link: What typography is not

  1. Find a case study on typeface development on the Internet (similar to the ones in Addendum A). Explain which medium (small format printing, large format printing, mobile devices, etc.) the font developed is best suited for and why. Keep legibility, size and style in mind.

Helvetica -linotype - family case study-03Helvetica -linotype - family case study-02

Source: blog.extensis.com

Case study Helvetica 

Source: myfonts.com fonts.com

I totally recommend this documentary on Helvetica specially as this typeface is so broadly use:

I also recommend the following links:

Part 2: Research and written assignment

  1. Document one day of your life acting as an observer of typographic design. Produce a comprehensive diary of the typographic experience of your day from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.
  2. Keep this diary within a research folder or sketchbook. You should be prepared to use photography, photocopying and other means where necessary to evidence what you find, as well as collecting firsthand examples of typographic design.
  3. Make notes or comments to reflect on what you have collected and documented. Your notes should help you to consider what kind of design it is that you are recording. For example, a cereal packet may have some large obvious lettering / typographic device on the front of the box, but there will also be typography in the form of information design within a “nutritional information” table on the packaging. So are you looking at promotional design/branding or information design? Or are you looking at typography? Is it lettering?



Morning at work




Afternoon at work


Evening at home


  1. Choose two examples of design that you have collected that you consider to have either good or bad qualities. Try to analyse these further in terms of their typography. Can you identify the typefaces being used? Does the typography communicate successfully? If so, why? If not, why not?
Catalog in sans-serif

Analysis in terms of typography.


This Catalog use a sans-serif typeface in different weights. It creates a variation in shades and textures

Can you identify the typefaces being used?

The typeface could be Helvetica or Helvetica Neu

Does the typography communicate successfully?

Yes, it does communicate successfully because it is clean, harmonious and with good balance in text hierarchy, contrast, composition and balance


Analysis in terms of typography.

This Coffee machine use a combination of bold serif and script typeface. It want to express quality, elegance and fall in between modern with a touch of tradition.

Can you identify the typefaces being used?

I used a font inspector tool called findmyfont that is similar to whatthefont and the closest result is Voltapro Bold for the bold serif


and English Script bold for the script typeface


Does the typography communicate successfully?

I believe it does, however it does not feel that harmonious and perhaps the concept is not well structure. I feel there is a typeface clash, it is not balance, and a bit of a random selection perhaps.

Part 3: Practical assignment

  1. Use your design software to design a newspaper front page. Pay special attention to typography (size, leading, column width, etc.)

Original International New York Time:



My version of it:

Newspaper front page.png

  1. Use your design software to design a double page spread (DPS) for your favourite magazine.

Original spread from Guitar world:

Magazine GuitarWorld-01.png

My version of it:

Doublepage spread DPS Classic Rock.png

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