Learning Activity – Focusing on Pioneering Designers – Week 17

Day one

Week 17

Objetive observation

What is your opinion on the use of the computer combined with different media?

I know that when I do sketches by hand I tend to get better ideas. The thing is that often it is tentation to start drawing at once in the software resulting in using the first result as the final one. We have learned from experienced designers that it is important to do sketch as many as possible and away from the computer if possible or at least by hand. It frees our creativity somehow. Also the first result is usually not the final solution. So in a way using different media such paper or even sugar, glue, or coffee may help to develop ideas and it is worth giving it a try. Combine different media and the computer can result in fascinating solutions. This is something that I will be trying to improve


Here a product design in a computer and combining different media – image from: pinterest.com

The importance of media and design

It is important to get to know the different media you can work with as they will offer many possibilities. I guess that the first thing to do before choosing a media is getting to know what you can do with it. The media will also impose physical limits at the same time. For example if you are using a machine to cut acrylic material there are physical limitations to take into account when choosing sizes. The same goes when printing something, the sizes must fit t in the machine that will produce it or even when ready taking into consideration that it fit in a post box if it is going to be delivered by post. In a way it is necessary to think 2 steps ahead and all this must be taking in considered when choosing a media to work with. You have texture, transparencies, width, flexibility, resistance, light weight and many other elements that can affect the result of a design. That is why the media affect the design and it must be always be carefully taking in mind. Also different media can help achieve different results with the same design.

Various materials -01.png
Various media that production companies can offer  – from main site: Skilthuset.no

What your take is on the use of computer technology?

Computer technology open a door to many possibilities, it is another tool that can be combine with traditional methods to obtain great results. As I mention early with the computer you can recreate infinity ideas. At the same time it is important to remember that it is just a tool as a pencil is and it should be use accordingly. Also when working in a computer it is very easy to forget physical elements like weight, resistance and size and therefore a good planning should be taking into consideration before it is too late and the design is approved just to find that it is not doable because of physical constraints. In the other I like to use the available technology as it can speed up process and help me reduce wasting material.

Pushing technology and changing philosophy

Interview with Marian Bantjes

How do you think t the symbiotic relationship between graphics and text links to the philosophy of the Swiss International School?

I see that they are two completely different approaches, just as there are many other graphic styles that differ from The Swiss International Style. Nevertheless,  there is a symbiotic relationship between graphics and text in  Marian’s work where all forms a natural organic harmony

How is it different?

Marian Bjantes wants to create beauty and invites the curiosity of the audience to explore the hidden message. She encourages seeing the details and somehow you are transported to a whole different world and another state of mind. There is a connection that is either loved or hated but it is unique. In contrast The Swiss Design main objective is to communicate a clear message. It does not want to evoke anything, it simply aims for functionality.

Has technology given us an advantage in expressing the symbiotic relationship between image and text?

I think technology helps us to put ideas that can be very complex in a simpler manner. I do not mean that complex ideas cannot be achieved by hand,  in the contrary,  but technology can help us to speeds up the process as I mentioned earlier. However somethings are extremely carefully tailored such as Marian Bantjes designs where you can see that the computer is just a simple tool and you see that the real craft in her work is done by hand. It is totally organic and fluid. This is something that cannot be achieved by just calculating the negative space of a media.

What about Marian’s work? Is this reflected in her work?

There is definitely a relationship between image and text in Marian’s work, but for me it just simply does not relate to The Swiss International School. They are far too apart from each other and their concepts oppose each other.

You do see a use of grid and overlapping vibrant colours, as well as many other elements that conform the thinking behind The Swiss Style. However the main objective in the Swiss Style that is simplicity is not a part or Marian’s work. In the contrary her work are real pieces of fine art where beauty is the main objective.

Here I place examples of Marian’s work:


Here you see a few elements from the Swiss International Style such as vibrant overlapping colours, use of grid, and harmony. The message in not immediate but the beauty of the elements invite you to stare at it  and find what is behind it, or how it is constructed

This is a very clever use of diverse media to create a kind of a dreamy effect not limited to just ink and paper


The Contrasting Swiss International Style:

The readability of text is first importance as well as communicate effectively



Vibrant and overlapping colours and  the use of grid is present but the text is very legible and the message is straight forward.


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