Learning Activity – Applying Philosophy to Design – Week 18

Poster Venezuela-03


poster-01    poster 2-04

Venezuela is a land with possibilities for development in many areas and its people are known as kind, good humour, respectful and hard workers.

The country has gone through long periods of corruption that has deeply damage it and by the year 1999 there was a revolution that many followed believing in a democratic change.

The new leader; even after his failed military insurrection a few years earlier that killed many civilians, was later supported by the general discontent that inclined to give him the chance to rule; many though he would be Venezuelan’s saviour, making him win the presidential election.

The leader quickly emended the constitution, and seducing the working class he manage to gain control over the legislative, judicial and electoral power.

Today the same party continue ruling the land and continues to destroy all possibilities for Venezuela as a country to develop into an organized and a save place.

The nation has plunged in massive corruption, impunity, hunting every one that  disagree with the government, destroying the national production, and using the income that comes from petrol to pay other lands and people for their support allowing the regime to remain in control.

This entire situation is making many young people to leave the country searching for development and safety in other countries. However not everyone can flee the country and the repression is big.

Added the lack of invest in primary services like healthcare, electric supply, water supply and food production, it creates an alarming situation

People are actually so accustomed to stand in line to see if there is possible to find food in the grocery store or hurrying up home for collecting water or scape thieves, that it is nearly irrelevant to command the government to decline in a day to day basis.

Little of this situation is known or believed around the world. For many foreign countries and citizens it is nearly unbelievable and over exaggerated that a rich country like Venezuela might be facing such problems. Instead they like to believe what the government has to say ignoring the reality.

What is worst is that a rise of similar system is growing around the world and not enough people are doing something to stop it.

People need to stand together, inform their selves and stop the violation of human not only in Venezuela but around the world.

Through this I wanted to recreate a poster where the main functionality is to inform about a political situation and a humanitarian cause that is happening in Venezuela expressing clearly and effectively. I thought the Swiss typographic style was giving me those aspects, although another characteristic of the Swiss style is using photograph in expressive angles,  I decided to use an expressive illustration instead.

Josef Müller-Brockmann used black, red, white, and pictures in his posters and those colours work great for me. Here red is a representation of the regime and the difficulties the country is undergoing. Black is a neutral background and is contrasting with the white font in sans serif type. All this in a whole works harmoniously while the layout is supported by a grid of 4 columns containing the text, a brake with an angle of 45 degree for a first set of information and another set of information in an angle related to the hand breaking the chains that represent Venezuela and its people wanting to return to safety and development .


For this poster I was inspired mainly by Swiss Typographic Style which also has been inputted by constructivism, the Bauhaus, de Stijl among others

“Modernists, including the De Stijl, Constructivism and Bauhaus movements,  departed from the rural and provincial zeitgeist prevalent in the Victorian era, rejecting its values and styles in favour of cosmopolitanism.

Functionality and progress, expressed through the maxim of ‘form follows function’, became key concerns in the attempt to move beyond the external physical representation of reality through experimentation in a struggle to define what should be considered ‘modern’.

In graphic design, modernism embraced an asymmetrical approach to layout with strict adherence to the grid, an emphasis on white space and sans serif typography, and the absence of decoration and embellishment.”

“rational order and simplicity that characterised modernism. “  – The Fundamentals of Graphic Design – Paul Harris and Gavin Ambrose

Here some image i use for inspiration from the Swiss Typographic Style

6847880503_d1efe8df4f    swiss_style_ek1-430x600    swiss3

And some other examples from Constructivism

ua-cartel-de-propaganda-rodchenko-1924-litografia    artwork_by_el_lissitzky_1919     78e9bb302b573dddcadcb48b66af3df1


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