Learning Activity – Focusing on Design With a Conscience – Week 18

After reviewing Sheppard Fairey biography I realized that he is a type of artist that express itself by any medium he has at reach such as internet, print, music, or the street all the way from street art to guerrilla marketing.

His work can be quite controversial as his Obama Hope poster for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. A very well-known poster created for the Obama presidential campaign. Here I am going to write a brief analysis of his poster from my own perspective.

To start with I will take the logo witch actually was design and used by other designers for the Obama campaign. It may represent a sun, sky and land, perhaps meaning the land of freedom and a new fresh start. It is geometrical, very clean and minimal


Image from wikipedia

It has blue, red and white colours that are present in the American flag and are the choose colour that represent USA. Those colours are also used by the Democratic Party as shown in their logos

 Images from wikipedia. The old logo on the left and the new logo in the right

Again those colours are repeated in the Obama senator logo


 Images from wikipedia

And Sheppard Fairey use those colour without hesitate in his poster HOPE


Poster by Sheppard Fairey – Obama Hope poster for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election – Images from Google

The font in the poster is a san serif type that has a circular and geometrical shape that mimic  the logo making a direct relation between those two assets. Perhaps two separated elements that fit very well with each other. The font is bold and gives a direct message with good readability and great contrast , nevertheles the red colour in Obama face is bringing attention torwards it creating a kind of tention. Perhaps the kind of tention needed for seeing the face and read the text or vicevers.

Elements and colour are repeated making this poster a unity

The angle of Obamas pose shows  calm eyes and attention or listening. He seems sort of facing further, at the same time shows seriousness and respect

The Obamas face  is treated perhaps from a picture maybe while he was attending the congress. It is clear for me that this image has been worked out from another picture and perhaps it was choosen because of what it express at the time. The image is a good example of using the assest from creating a design in creative ways. Taking and original idea, workning it and shaping it torwards creating a completly new one.

In resume  you see that the elements are well though and funtional towards expresing much more that the mere text HOPE. There is a lot of symbology behind the colours and the pose  making all the pieces to become a whole.

Note: I find this link very interesting- https://www.brainpickings.org/2012/06/04/presidential-campaign-posters/


A Visual History of Presidential Campaign Posters: 200 Years of Election Art from the Library of Congress Archives




Why the U.S. Flag is Red, White and Blue


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