Learning Activity – Analysing the Use of Design Fundamentals – Week 19

For this assignment I was encouraged to choose any one of the illustrations that we had discuss earlier from the lesson Design Drawing . The picture below was my selection:


Analysing the Use of Design Fundamentals.

For this I am focusing on each fundamental and enhancing it for easier recognition  as follows:

1 Line



2 scale

Scale: Different sizes creates a sense of depth of field and also helps to create focus on the main object


3 colour



4 repetition

Repetition: creates dynamics, complexity and textures. It can also tighten element that differ from one another.


5 negative space

Negative space


6 symetry



7 transparency

Transparency: it makes elements to blend over each other for creating depth. here it is use on the fish tale and also creates an atmosphere where the view is getting faded as the viewer try to see further in the composition


8 texture



9 balance



10 hierarchy



11 contrast



12 framing



13 grid



14 ramdomness



15 direction



17 movement



18 depth



19 typography

Typography: although the typography here is not quite define it is part of the composition, specially on its direct relation with books


20 composition




1. What fundamentals are used successfully? Describe in detail what you think is the
most successful aspect of the illustration (remember to focus on the fundamentals.)

Colours and contrast creating the atmosphere, while movement, directions, randomness, textures, and transparencies add dynamics to the compositions. Its hierarchy, balance, grid, framing, and scales helps to guide the viewer towards the focus of this illustration, The composition itself is dynamic
2. What style from the past is being used in a new way in this illustration? If no previous
style is clearly apparent, does it use some form of pastiche? Why do you think this
specific style or pastiche was used? Describe in detail whether you think it was used
successfully or not.

For me this illustrations falls into something inspired   by art nouveau because of its organics shapes and decor, but it is also modern like control chaos, and definitely have influence from pop art and perhaps a bit of psychedelia on the dreamy part.
3. Read again what Mondrian said about the expression of beauty or self. Which do you
think played the dominant role in the execution of this illustration? Explain your
4. If you had to create this illustration, before starting the actual execution, what would
your initial thoughts be on:

Dreaming over books, submerge into deep knowledge, unawareness.
5. Colour (what would your approach to colour be?)

By choosing examples of the pallet that was used by this artist I recognize several colour pallets that create harmony and have been used together. I notice a Right complementary, Triad and Tetrad pallet harmony. With this selection of colours  it was possible to create the sensation of a deep back ground with colours lightening as it is getting upward, define elements characteristic colours like book pages, book covers, water bubbles, and orange fish catch attention and add dynamism to the composition creating optical tension around the focus of the composition
6. Line (what would you like to portray with the use of line?)

The lines serve to define objects and help direct the view towards the focus of the composition, they help create tridimensionality, and depth
7. Composition (what would you wish to instil in the viewer by the use of composition

The way things are positioned creates a tension around the main focus of it. This is supported by colours,  direction, balance, movements. They all play each a roll on its own and creates an illustration that seems to move.

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