Learning Activity – Applying Philosophy to Design – Week 19

The fall of imagination by Sam wan

For this assignment I was asked to design a book cover for a fictional thriller book called “The Fall of Imagination” by Sam Wan.

The requirements are the following:

  • It must be designed by clearly drawing inspiration from a previous design style.

For this design I got inspiration from the Psychedelic style and also from the film The Clockwork Orange from 1971. It was a thriller film based on a psychopathic delinquent.

  • The size of the cover must be A5 and it should include a front, spine and back.
  • The cover must contain a vector illustration that forms the basis of the design.
  • The cover must contain the title and the name of the author.


This is the result:


The fall of imagination book cover
Book cover and spine preview


The fall of imagination book back
Back cover


The fall of imagination_Whole book A5 size_Whole book A5 size.png
Book measurements A5 cover

Link for downloading a PDF version of this book cover

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