Week 23 – Learning activity – Motion Design: Preproduction – Mood Boards & Storyboards

Learning Activity – Visualise Your Ideas

For this assignment I was asked to do the following:

“Create a mood board and storyboard using a word and its meaning as the concept.  For example, you could use the word “prop”. You could then use the “r” to prop up the “p” that keeps falling over. That’s just to give you an idea, be creative and use a word and concept of your own.”

First I choose a word. In this case is quite random however i did a little brain storm to find which word worked best for me:

1 – I came with the following word:

Gravity, walk, follow, fall, warp, construction, imitate, limit, trow, through, hear, light, lift, fly, break, build, sound, movement, frustration, patience, relax, mind, bring, take, squeeze, grow, draw, trash.

2 – From those words I selected:

Gravity, follow, fall, warp, construction, imitate, throw, fly, grow.

3 – I chose the word follow because it sparkled some ideas that I considered interesting.

From there I started to play with the meaning of that word and it functionality as shown below:

Follow up, follow down, continue ahead, follow and jump over barriers, do not stop, not despair, jump, keep closer, hide, support, help, sneaking, surprised, astonished, stop, fall, decline, spy.

4 – With those words I started to collect ideas from internet. Lately  I created the following mood-board:

5 – Then I did a similar process as the one described above this time with text, this in order to find a typeface to work with.


Resulting in the following set of typefaces:


6 – I created a text that describe what I am thinking.


F appears

It is followed by o,o,l,l,m

F wants to be first and stands in from of the w. It sparkel a race as each letter wants now to be first.

The f gets to the front followed by w,o,l,l,o and it gets ahead of the other letters. They  start to push harder in order to reach further. The letter f is already too far away and starts to climb a step hill and run fast beside a long river until suddenly must stopped at a deep canyon.

After a while the letters reach F and realised that it is not possible to cross it on its own. However w takes the lead and gets in front stretching to the other side while holding from o and managing to cross the abyss.  F realise that they need to work as a team so the rest of the letters helped each other to get across and jump over the fall in order to complete their journey.

7 – Sketching and planning: from the above story I started to create frames and imagine how would the letters behave to create and express the different situations.

8 – Storyboard

Here my resulting storyboard01_03_11x85_h6-1-601_03_11x85_h6-7-1201_03_11x85_h6-13-1801_03_11x85_h6-19-2401_03_11x85_h6-25-30

For this storyboard I reviewed and used a templates from the Animation Foundations: Storyboarding course from Lynda.com it is worth checking it up

It was also very useful Motion Graphics for Video Editors: Working with Storyboards  and Motion: Principles of Motion Graphics both also from Lynda.com




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