Week 25 – Creating an Animation in After Effects

Animation concept

My animation concept will be used in the main assignment video sequence for Diamond Awards. I decided to used the techniques from the lesson example “my sunrise” for the film production section. I use the same technique but in an inverted order. Instead of zooming out for showing the whole image, I zoom in the image that is really tiny and rapidly increasing its size as the viewer approach it. This happens  until a point where we pass through the image itself.  For this I made use of a camera that moves in 3D towards the rotating object making a zoom in.

Storyboard sketches

Here the storyboard and rough sketches prior developing the sequence3-film productionI actually changed the sequence in relation with the storyboard as I started with the rollers and ended up with the film production text. However in this section I am focusing on the rollers only and the 3 last frames shows how the image is approaching the screen, in fact it is the camera approaching the object.


Working with After Effects or Ae

Folder structure in windows


Folder structure in Ae0-captura

Creating Main Composition2-opening-and-setting-up-a-new-composition-in-ae

Importing Ai (illustrator) files into Ae.

Here I had a problem when importing Ai into Ae. All was imported as a single layer although I had chosen import as comp.  I tried  resolving the issue by making a compound path in Ai by following the followed forum:



However it did not resolve the problem completely.


Finally I remembered that when importing Ai into Ai it tends to generate an error if the file is not created PDF compatible. I needed to save it again making it Pdf compatible and Voilà up and running




Final sequence

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