Mandatory Assignment 07 -Title Sequence


Report for Mandatory Assignment 07 – Title Sequence


In this assignment I decided to develop ideas by combining brainstorm and timebox technics and proceeded as follows:


–     Brainstorm by name: for this timebox  I assigned 1:50 min per category

–     Brainstorm by pictures:  I search on internet for images related to keywords originated in the previous exercise. I used 10 seconds per keyword (93 total keywords)

–     Timebox for generating ideas: here I assigned 1,50 min per category.

–     From the back of images generated from the research on internet I then select images relevant to each category for creating a mood board.

–     Chose a fluid font to easily write with light or to create such effect.

–     I started to import elements into After Effects (Ae) such as importing Illustrator files (Ai) However the Ai files where not showing in Ae. For this I remembered that when placing Ai files into Ai often you get an error than can only be fix if the original Ai file is saved compatible with PDF. Also I need to make compound path in Ai or place each element on its own layer.

—   GL and 3D not quite compatible with my pc has only an internal shared graphic card of just 128 Mb. The CC collection expected at least 512 Mb.

–     Every Ai file´s layer needed to be 3D in order to function within camera in Ae.  I share a link to a tutorial that I followed to understand it well. Otherwise the vector elements are not affected by the camera. Also this tutorial was complemented by the information and practice with the Rising Sun camera animation exercise.

–     Development of sequences:

–     Graphic design sequence:

–     It needed to be re-made because I started to develop it from a test on a wrong format. It was not compatible with 1080 p. There was a black square around the edge of the text. Not proportional.

–     The blinking effect for the pre roll in the graphic design sequence is created by 2 layers from Ai that changes intermittently this last effect produced in Ae. I used position for creating its movement.

–     Film production sequence:

–     I use the camera technique from raising sun and a similar font treatment as for graphic design

–     Development of 3D sequence:

  • Create a type layer with 3D enable
  • I choose 2 fonts that share very similar attributes however very different and suited very well with my concept of evolving from 2D to 3D
  • Create a camera layer
  • Using different viewpoint for moving inside the 3D text.
  • Centre objects relative to canvas
  • My Pc took a long time to display L I was not sure what was happening when I was moving an element.
  • I found out that I needed to re-order the Ae folder in subfolders and create a child folder for Auto-save.
  • Development of sound and music production with a bold font that also share elements with my previous font.
  • Music production sequence: For this sequence I use masking shapes for despairing and reappearing passing by elements being the case of the electric incandescent lines floating over the text.
  • Transition from transparent to solid in the music sequence. Here I use a mix technique using masking shapes, opacity. For the final effect I synced the movement of the light wave element to the opacity
  • Creating DAK sequence:
  • This time I used Gotham extra light witch is family of Gotham black.  It holds a harmonious balance with previous used fonts
  • Open new solid: text path.
  • Make sure the Ai file has a ratio compatible with the Ai comp settings.
  • Import Ai as path: in the case of DAK I use 2 layers from where one if for the background lines and the other one for text. Both where animated with the effect generate stroke. All masks appear from 0%.
  • I then added a null layer for each individual letter and copied each path to that null object parenting this to the flare effect that would later follow that path.
  • At this stage I realized that I needed to render first and work with audio later.
  • Font usage:
  • For music production I used Gogo punch which is a font similar to Gotham black and inception but works better for creating an square shape that can be associated to a computer screen, mixing desk or control console.
  • Inception font is like Gotham-black but outlined forming a maze inside. It fits very well with the concept of games and 3D in general.
  • Colour usage:
  • By the categories and logos been so different I use a neutral colour as background and let the effect do its part. I use colours from the award logo for the design sequence, and hold grayscale for 3d, vibrant colour for the string in music and blue for dak because it is related to blueprints and the colour blue itself. Also where the colours that I meet by doing the research.
  • Importing and Ai file:

Vectors file must be saved outlined.

  • Managing sequence time :

This is an example of how I divided those 30 second for each sequence when starting the project:


1 -Intro                                   2,0 sec

2 – Graphic design                  2,3 sec

3 – Graphic illustration          2,3 sec

4 – Film production                4,6 sec

5 – Rollers                               1,3 sec

6 – 3D

7 – 3D Desing animation

8 – 3D Games

9 – 3D Film                             (3D total 9,2 sec )

10 – Music                              2,3 sec

11 -DAK                                  2,3 sec

12 -Outro                               2,3 sec

  • – Noroff 2,3 sec


–     Problem with adobe media encoder: installed but not installed. I Needed to update to Ae 2017 however particles and flare did not run fine so I downgraded again.

–     Update Ae + encoder.

  • 264: vimeo HD 720p. Quick time: match origin. Here I experienced problems as I could not set QuickTime to h.264

–     I needed to install quick time player for the H.264 compression to display in the option tab within Ae.

–     In the first export I got errors from graphic sequence to render into quick time 4 errors total.

–     Inspiration for the graphic design sequence from: grid system John P. Carrigan MF A. Studio. Extract from: graphic design: the new basics- Elle Lupton and Jenifer Cole Phillips p-176.

–     Audio not playing after importing it in Ae.

Go to – preferences – Audio Hardware – choose the correct sound card.

–     Audio level – I used audition to correct audio level between tracks. Also I adjust audio fading and levels form the Ae audio effect

–     Finally I needed to shorten the intro and change outro because of the 30 sec limit.

–     Intro in B minor key to match the main song witch enter when the snare is been hit

–     Pre-render can improve editing time as there will be a preview ready that will not need so much processing from the pc,. Each sequence can be pre-rendered on its own and imported into a final project.

–     After pre-render I synched the music to the sequence

–     Each sequence has its own music except music production that starts with a guitar solo from the main track.

–     The main track is my own composition produced in Cubase.

–     Matching audio track to sequences

–     The audio level for each category was put to -25 db and the main music in -6 Db noticeable louder and creating a good dynamic.

Extra reference material:

After effect apprentice: Type and music.

Cubase: Exporting an Audio Mixdown to mp3 for importing into iTunes

Matching Volume Across Audio Files in Adobe Audition CS6 Essentials

Mixdown: How to export to audio in Cubase

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