Week 27 – Learning Activity – Providing Your Own Hosting Service

For this learning activity I was asked to acquire my own hosting service. This hosting service will be needed throughout the rest of my studies, and this Learning Activity is therefore mandatory.

I followed the next path:

1- domine janaleks.com was previously used with my wordpress blog, I needed to transfer it to one.com. I also cheack with nettpower but the price was more atractive in one.combinder1_page_1

2- I choose 1 domain and the option with multiple domains. The hosting offer 200gb that I believe is a pretty good number for hosting several little websites.binder1_page_2_li-2

3- Obtaining the domain transfering code from WordPress in order to register in my new hosting at one.com


4- An E-mail was send to my address in order verified and I am the rightful owner of the WP blog and and code was issued (EPP-CODE). That code would be then entered at one.com


5- Waiting for the setup to be finished. This step take a while. It is important to clarify that only the domain is transferred and the data regarding my previous blog remain in the WP server  until I manually download it and transfer it to One.com if relevant.

6- creating a password in one.com for opening the console

7- setting up account for opening console

8- Approve one.com to index my previous domain with them.


9 – As previously named, although one.com was helping me transfer the domain from wordpress to them, all the database and content was left behind in the WordPress server. in order to make the blog accessible again I needed to go back to my WP dashboard and change the domain back to its default janaleks.wordpress.com or to any other domain i wanted it to relink. I did this aiming to keep my blog detached from the new site I am planning to make. This allows my new site to behold my previous created domain janaleks.com. From the dashboard I went to tools and export the database and content if I were to place my blog in one.com. At this stage I am planning to keep the blog parallel to my main site.

10- The transfer process has taken a while. I am already on day 2 and not getting normal access to my blog. This could be and big issue if it was a client website. so it means that any website that will be launching at a specific day should already be on a few days prior the official date for all the components to work as expected. This is also supported in the video tutorial Mapping the Modern Web Design Process by Morten Rand-Hendriksen at lynda.com


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