Mandatory Assignment 03 – Door to Door Organics – Week 10


The US-based company «Door to Door Organics” are planning:

  • An expansion to your local community.
  • Partner with local organic farmers to bring fresh seasonal produce right to the customer’s doorstep.
  • The company recognizes the need to develop a new logo and visual identity to suit new customers and markets.
  • They will also need suitable packaging for their products and decoration on the delivery vans.
  • The logo and visual identity is to be presented in a brand manual.

Based on the brief I followed the next work process:


  • Client – the target group
  • Competition
  • Drivers and barriers
  • Brand architecture
  • Key stakeholders
  • Value proposition
  • Key products or services
  • Mission and vision
  • Attributes or core value
  • The  company actions
  • How does the company define itself to the outside world as well as to the internal audience
  • Expectations
  • The world of the business

Clarify the Strategy

Based on all of this information I was able to define the current brand strategy and cross-check that my results were consistent with the clients info.

From the research I came across a list of key words, adjectives and nouns that i then use for gather images, textures metaphors or even pieces of history.

Design the identity

From here I used those elements as guides for font styles, colours and shapes giving at the same time pieces or tools that you can work with. This allows you to always be inside the client’s world.

Door to Door Organics_Page_01

Next I did a search in colours composition and harmonic pallets from those images

Door to Door Organics_Page_03

Then In I was able to choose the colour pallet that was most functionall and that gave me a broader colour flexibility. I also crosscheack the colours i got from my research with clolours phsycology. This gave me a better base when choosing the colour pallet.

Door to Door Organics_Page_02

Afterwards I used more or less the same process for choosing the font both for the logo and the paragraphs.

At the beginning I had over 50 type fonts that were linked to the concept. then I began to filter them by more legibility.

Door to Door Organics_Page_04 Door to Door Organics_Page_05 Door to Door Organics_Page_06.

I also came across that I wanted to insert elements from the original company site but I found that the elements the used and the ones I was choosing were different. However I found a font that kind of enclosed both elements and worked very well for me and for this job

Door to Door Organics_Page_10

The next step was basically mix and match the elements and experiment with shapes and fonts and literally play with them.

Door to Door Organics_Page_08 Door to Door Organics_Page_07

Finally the whole thing began to take shape and it was time to experiment with coloursDoor to Door Organics_Page_09

Door to Door Organics_Page_11

I also find appropriated that there should be includes and stencil font that can be used to print over wood boxes that are going to be used for the delivering. that way the boxes will be marked and storage for a continuously use.

Create touch points:

  • The Brand Manual

After all this work was done it was time to tell what is the point of all this and why the company´s should follow certain rules.

This is achieved by creating a user manual for the visual system, allowing other designers to keep the same harmony and consistency.

  • Applications – Packaging and car wrapping

Brand Manual Door to Door Organics_Page_17

Managing assets

After all this process is finished and delivered to the client it is very important that the company build awareness of the brand and communicate the values internally and externally, deliver the promise and create products and services that provide benefits that costumers expect given the promise the brand has made. The actions and products create perception.

There are strategies and tools that helps clarify and enhance those goals. However they will surely be taken in further units.

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